James bond casino royale poker scene

james bond casino royale poker scene

Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2. Periodik. Loading. .. Phil Hellmuth: I am 11 bracelets champion you F$%^ing. Learn playing poker with real free $50 bankroll and winnind poker strategies! Go right here - http. Poker is prominent in the James Bond film "Casino Royale," to illustrate why, let's take a look at the climactic poker scene in the film. Wette chemnitz comment is hilarious. Sic bo or dai siu http://www.parksidemedical.org.uk/Library/livewell/topics/addiction/gamblingaddiction game. KGB Poker today overbet the pot in an attempt https://www.pinterest.com/pin/459578336945564605 both 1 represent that he's "bluffing" while magic mirror deluxe do the opposite of a value bet with a big hand. You spin mobil app the guy to put in a "feeler" bet of ,? Is the free casino games blazing sevens game in Casino Royale realistic? There's no way he doesn't stop to consider the board and the calls, no common poker justification for raising Bond, and no common poker justification for going all-in without the nuts. Just because you play alot of poker doesnt mean you know. Barbara BroccoliMichael G. It's just in deutscher sprache weird, weird hand. Those are largely board dependant.

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No matter what has happened before, he would move all in on the flop. Nothing about this game was realistic in the least. But all of this is moot, since we know the exact action all the way to the river. Barbara Broccoli , Michael G. Trips would be unlikely given there was no pre-flop raise, but stranger things have happened. james bond casino royale poker scene Casino Royale Fernsehfilm , Everyone then checks on the turn, which is incredibly stupid, unless you're Bond--his 5 s is money at that point. Is the poker game in Casino Royale realistic? Whether A-8 or trips, LeChiffre has more outs than Bond and doesn't need to hit them to beat him. About Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact NL. Der Offizier verlässt das Zimmer und wird daraufhin nach einer Schlägerei mit Bond von diesem erwürgt. But again, that makes no sense. Das Attentat sowie gleichzeitige Börsenspekulation durch Leerverkäufe hätten Le Chiffre ein Vermögen eingebracht, wäre der Prototyp zerstört worden. Unfortunately for them they all are lucky to get quite strong poker hands, which make them go all-in. There aren't two aces in the flop. Id bet they even had a pro player as a consultant on the scene. Well I did make a broad stroke statement. Guys with less money going all in isn't a big threat because they're much more likely to go all in on a good or even pretty good hand at that point in the game.

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James Bond Casino Royale Poker Scene in Bahamas But before we start analyzing the hand further, let's look at the game they are playing. LeChiffre knows that Bond cannot be bluffing. Of course, if we saw everyone's cards, Bond should fold on the flop on any all-in since he only has non-spade straight outs. Not nice enough though. Now, when the board pairs, it could be a different story Bond has of spades straight flush , the Japanese guy has a KQ of spades highest flush and the black guy has for a full house of AA , and LeChiffre has the 2nd highest possible full house at AAA Typically 4 handed, he absolutely made the right play.

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